12 Unique and Creative Birthday at Home Ideas for Couples

Spring is a big birthday season in our household so that got us thinking about all the perfect ways to celebrate a significant other while at home.

Below are 12 birthday at home ideas for couples that pack a punch in terms of fun, quirkiness, originality, and of course a bit of romance.

So, whether you’re weathering yet another lockdown or you just want to make it a special day in – these options are bound to surprise your *insert here* (girlfriend/boyfriend/wife or husband) in the very best way and make their occasion one you’ll both recall for years to come.

1. Get your hands on a telescope

Spend the night finding constellations and learning about our galaxy while all cuddled up.

2. Hire a hot tub

Set up candles or fairy lights and get a bottle of champagne. Let the romance bubble!

3. Or create an adult slip and slide

And turn it into a drinking game where every time you slide you take a sip of something delicious (obviously do drink responsibly and be careful not to get hurt).

Birthday ideas cake

4. Get all caked out

Order desserts from all your favourite places and just enjoy the day devouring all the delicious-ness, you can even act like you’re in a baking competition giving critique and scores till you settle on the best one.

5. Arrange a singing telegram

Get a doorstep performance of their favourite tunes from a barbershop quartet, an impersonator, a mariachi band or, even better, you.

Birthday ideas gift

6. Gifts galore

Get your lover the same amount of presents as the age they’re turning (ie. if they are turning 30 get 30 gifts)! Number them and hide them around the house so they have to find and open each in an ascending order, have the last one be a biggie and the rest cute little ones.

7. Hire a mini golf course

And put it up in your backyard or indoors (it doesn’t need to take up that much room and you can even switch the obstacles around between sets). It will be a sure-fire way to score some brownie points!

8. Or get a bouncy castle instead

They’ll be jumping for joy, literally…

Birthday ideas body paint

9. Paint each other

Get body paint and spend time getting creative painting each other’s bodies.

10. Have a glow in the dark party

If you use neon body paint for the above you can then get a UV light, turn on the music and have a rave for 2.

11. Set up a cake smash photoshoot for your partner

Get a cake, a gorgeous backdrop and a cute outfit to match (make sure you get in on the action too).

Birthday ideas date night box

17. Get one of our date crates

Let us think it all out for you, just choose one of our themes and get ready to set out for an adventure at home including activities, drinks, snacks, fancy dress, mood setting props a curated playlist and more!

Tropical Staycation Date Crate:

’90s Rewind Date Crate:

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