20 Super Fun Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

 It’s just about sunshine time! With the days getting longer and hotter, outdoor dates are destined to be exceptionally popular in the upcoming months! 

So we’ve rounded up our 20 favourite summer date ideas to give you something a little different and special to do while you’re in the great big out there together!

1. Pick your own fruit

Find a farm in your local area that is happy for you both to come pick what you eat (literally). Then spend the day doing something a little bit different plucking at some beautiful berries!

2. Ice cream crawl

Basically a bar crawl but instead of bars you hop around to all the ice cream shops in your town and try something delicious in each one!

Outdoor summer dates ice cream cones

3. Act like tourists and learn about your city’s history together

Go on a walk about town to the most famous landmarks and look at everything with fresh eyes. Google (or bonus points if you get an actual guide book) the history and stories of the different buildings, streets etc.

4. Take an outdoor class together

Anything from yoga to Salsa to martial arts!

5. Build a perfect bouquet in a flower market

Scoop the best flowers from each stand and create your ultimate arrangement. Of course, you get to take it home with you and stare at it fondly for the rest of the week!

Outdoor summer Dates Flower bouquets

6. Paint like the impressionists do

Go somewhere gorgeous together – canvas, paint and brushes in toe and try to capture the beauty that surrounds you in picture form.

7. Or create your own chalk art mural together

You just need some chalk, a pavement and your imagination. To make it extra lovey-dovey why not create your own relationship emblem…. Or you can just play hopscotch.

8. Get lost in a maze together

And then try to find your way out. Treat your partner to a sweet victory kiss once you succeed.

9. Smash a pinata

Fill a piñata up with little notes for each other, candies and/or small mementos, then take turns smashing to get it all out, enjoy the winnings

10. Rent a tandem bike

Go for a light hearted cycling adventure together.

11. Swing

Go to a local park, find the swings and swing away together. Yes, you can also use the slides! Let the carefree times roll on.

12. Water fight

Get your super soakers out, fill up those water balloons and… go wild. Bonus point if you end the date with a makeshift slip n’ slide!

Outdoor Summer Dates water fight

13. Scavenger hunt

Before leaving for your date create a list of things to find in the park/ area which you’re going in. Then walk around with your partner and see who spots the most items off your list!.

14. Or go geocaching

We haven’t done this yet but it sounds awesome and we’ll be giving it a go. It’s basically a worldwide treasure hunt, you download an app and then you are led to different locations around your area. When you find the cache you’re looking for you tick it off your app, log both your names in the book and if you want you can even exchange mementos others have previously left behind, then you’re off to your next destination.

15. A picnic but make it fancy

A picnic is an absolute classic so we can’t just leave it out the list but if you’re tired of the day-to-day approach make it extra special by getting all decked out, we’re thinking gourmet grazing platters, champagne, maybe afternoon tea, old-school basket and gingham tablecloth.

16. Let’s go fly a kite

Up to the highest height that is if you manage (as it’s strangely harder than it looks according to us)!

Outdoor Summer Dates Kites

17. Watch the sunset or sunrise

Go to a meaningful spot for the both of you and enjoy the views. If you can’t think of a spot, it’s a perfect opportunity to make one up to come back to time and again!

18. Backyard camping

Have an outdoor date night – build a bonfire, stargaze and cuddle in a tent!

19. Or have a backyard movie night

Create your own makeshift comfy set up and enjoy the flicks under the stars.

20. Spend time close to your nearest water source

Spend the day near a lake or a river, skip stones, go boating and skinny dip if you dare!

Once you’re done with your time in the sun or when you want to enjoy the perks of date night but also stay in your cozy abode check out our fun & flirty date boxes!

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