15 Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home Ideas

Cupid’s big day (a.k.a Valentine’s Day) is quickly approaching and while we here at Let’sDate Crate truly believe that every day is a great day to celebrate L-O-V-E, it’s fab to have a set reminder each year to take time to make time for a special moment with your belle or beau.

As we’re all at home this February 14th, we’ve compiled a list of 15 romantic date ideas that we think are perfect for V-Day!

1. Craft Cards Together

Craft Cards Together – remember when you were school kids and each Valentine’s Day you would create cards for all the other kids? That, but with a side bottle of wine. Open up the stationery closet and see what you have on hand or get colourful card paper, ribbons, glitter, stickers and really go wild! Make sure to personalise with a sweet message before exchanging your creation with your one and only.

Valentines Day cards

2. You’re a Poet and You Didn’t Even Know It

How about writing poems to one another about what makes your love so great. Recite them to each other for an extra added romantic touch! You can go classic in terms of style (Sonnet, Haiku etc.) or new age with Spoken Word.

3. Make Like Old Times and Say It with A Mixtape

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a mixtape if, like most of us, you don’t actually own a cassette player for the last 15 years – but you can each create a meaningful Spotify playlist with songs that show your partner how you really feel about them.

Valentines Day

4. Get Super Dressed Up and Turn Your Living Room into a Ballroom

Wear your glossiest outfits, dim the lights, move the furniture and dance the night away just the two of you.

5. Alternatively, Challenge Each Other to Learn A New Dance Routine

choose a style (we recommend something romantic like the Rumba or a Waltz), find a YouTube tutorial that teaches you the steps to a song you enjoy and become kings or queens of the dance floor.

6. Around the Home Bar Crawl

Put different delicious drinks in each room of your house (think beers, cocktails, bubbly or non-alcoholic beverages too). Then go around your house, sit on the floor of each room, drink and chat until you move on to the next. For added flavour you can turn each room into a different theme.

7. Create Your Own Love Potion Number 9

Find whatever spirits and garnishes you have lying around the kitchen and concoct your own secret elixir. Enjoy it together.

Valentines Day love potion

8. Recreate Your First Date Together

Whenever it was or wherever it was, create the 2.0 version now that you both know each other well – but with an “at home” twist.

9. Relish in Your Memories

Go through old photos and videos of the two of you together and have fun reminiscing.

10. A Staring Contest with a Twist

Look up different pick-up lines, then stare deeply into each other’s eyes and take turns saying them, see who laughs first. Best out of 5 wins.

11. Find Out More About Each Other The ‘Alternative Way’

Whether you believe in it all or not is totally up to you but either way it could be fun to read each other’s palms (there are YouTube tutorials on how to do this), look up each other’s astrological signs or numerology chart.

12. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Get a lot of really fancy flavoured chocolates from the shops (the really delicious ones you always eye but never try) and taste test them. Take time to figure out what curious nods of flavours some of them have, give them a score from 1-10 and see how many you can eat before you can’t have anymore. You can also take it a step further with a blindfolded test for an extra kick.

Valentines Day Chocolates

13. I’m Fond(ue) of You

Have a fondue night with both savoury (cheese, veggies, breads) and sweet (all types of chocolate, strawberries, marshmallows) offerings. Create a magical atmosphere by lighting some candles, dimming the lights, putting on tunes and drinking good quality wine.

14. Bake To Your Heart’s Content

How about a baking and decorating evening in? You can make heart shaped cookies and spend an hour or so bedazzling them with icing, sprinkles, sweet messages etc. And yes, you can take a bite of the dough

15. Have A Sunny Good Time

If you want to eliminate all the planning and do something really fun and out-the-box together then our “Tropical Staycation” date night box may just be the thing for you! Escape to an Island Paradise for 2 – all from your living room.

Check out the Tropical Staycation Date Crate:

LetsDate Crate Valentines Day At Home Ideas

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