About us

Let’sDate Crate is the invention of Anat and Keenan, a slightly quirky, positively lovey-dovey, fun-seeking couple, both with confusing accents.

Personal note:

It all began one sunny spring day in a small flat in NW London.

When stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do – due to the virus that shall not be named – our creative juices started flowing and the wackiest and most wonderful idea materialised: “What if we put together fun and unique themed dates that couples like us can enjoy at home?”

Within a few hours Let’sDate Crate was conceptualised and we were determined to make this venture adventure come to life.

We believe that it’s always the right time to celebrate love and create life-long memories with your special person. We put our hearts into everything we do, meticulously testing every date and activity from “the laboratory” (aka. Our living room). In this way, we calculate the precise correct dosage of laughter, romance and imagination – all so you can enjoy the best “out the box” experience!

We are so thrilled and forever grateful to have the opportunity to share in a small part of your love story.

Anat & Keenan

Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight…

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