’90s Rewind at The Sleepover

’90s Rewind at The Sleepover


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  • The ’90s Rewind Date Night Box Contains;

    • Tie-dye kit – for pillowcases and socks
    • Truth, dare or trivia game
    • Activity pack – M.A.S.H., MadLibs, Cootie Catcher and more
    • Bucket hat, fanny pack, slap bracelet, scrunchie
    • ’90s bedroom celebrity posters
    • 2 x alcoholic Kola & spiced rum ice pops by Wavey Ice
    • Cookies & cream and Birthday cake popcorn by Popcorn Shed

  • Get ready to step back in time and re-live every ‘90s kid’s fave pastime – a sleepover party for the ages!

    Open the magical boombox and be teleported back to a decade where Furbies, boybands and dial-up internet connections ruled the world.

    On this nostalgic date crate throwback, get colourful with tie-dye; let the good times roll with a game of Truth or Dare… or ‘90s Trivia; and enjoy the activity pack filled with Mad Libs, M.A.S.H., a Cootie Catcher and even a quiz to see which retro teen blockbuster you’d star in! A good sleepover wouldn’t be complete without some serious snackage and drinks, so we’ve also thrown together some classic flavours with a dope popcorn and alcoholic ice pops twist!

    To help ensure your night is all that and a bag of chips, this flirty flashback has everything you need to look the part and set the mood as well. We’re talking fanny pack, bucket hat, ‘90s bedroom posters, a playlist that would make any MTV VJ proud and more.